Miss Jane    Miss Jane

Jane Anderson (Miss Jane) has been teaching children and adults for over 20 years. She has taught students with ADD, ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy and arthritis. Piano lessons even help math anxiety because music is math in action.

Miss Jane has been performing as an accompanist or choir director with church groups for over 30 years. For eight years in California, she directed her own performance group called The Note-Ables. Eighty children with varying talents belonged to this group, and performances were scheduled in nursing homes once a month.

Lessons take place at my East Tucson studio. My base fee is $20 for 45 minutes.  There is no requirement to purchase books or supplies; I supply all materials based on student progress, student interests and “symbiosis” with the various method books.

studio 2If you are interested in scheduling a free lesson, Click here to fill out the contact form or send an e-mail and we can get started on your journey into the world of music.